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WP Processor – Waste Conditioning Unit

A prominent issue facing industry and remote communities is the high costs associated with the storage and disposal of waste. Waste occupies considerable amounts of storage, and requires constant capital towards its transportation and elimination.

The WP Processor is a versatile and containerized system that optimizes waste management through the conversion of mixed waste into a compacted, sterilized, and reusable residual material. The system mechanically normalizes the waste, reducing its volume by up to 80%, and removes all traces of water and humidity, reducing its mass by up to 45%. The waste is further disinfected, removing all hazards related to rotting/dispersed waste, such as bacterial infections and vermin infestations. The WP unit thus contributes to greater waste management effectiveness, fewer transportation and disposal costs, as well as to a safer and cleaner work environment.

Acceptable Inputs – Mixed Waste (No sorting required)

  • Food/Alimentary Produce
  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Plastic, glass, and aluminum
  • Metal cans & packaging
  • Biomedical waste

The treated material may be safely transported and stored for up to 6 months without problems.



  • All components containerized; completely automated and PLC controlled
  • “Plug and Play” system allows for quick mobilization and installation
  • Rapid deployment, operation, and shutdown (Password protected)


  • Volume reduction up to 80% / Mass reduction up to 45%
  • Compaction and conversion of waste in under 30 min.
  • Waste sterilized at 151°C
  • Residual material (output) can be transported securely, and stocked for up to 6 months (without decay)
  • No emissions from processor
  • Output classified as SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) & soil amendment

Processor currently used in healthcare and the military