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  • Conduct pre-feasibility studies
  • Integrated thermochemical conversion systems
  • Characterizes the energy profile of industrial sites
  • Implant of energy biomass projects
  • Implant of solid fuel production projects


Projects :

  • Production of 250 kg of Pyro-Blok solid fuel from the ultimate waste of a fast food chain on behalf of Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) of the United States under a US Defense program.
  • Development and operation of a micro solid fuel plant
  • Developing and obtaining a patent for the Pyro-Blok press with a processing capacity of 300 kg / hr of waxed cardboard fibers (US Patent PTO No. US 8,726,800 B2)

Pre-feasibility study for :

  • the production of solid fuel from municipal waste in Cambodia under mandate UNDP Cambodia process 35-54242
  • a micro pyrolysis plant for the treatment of 800 TMPAs of waste in a First Nations community
  • a cogeneration plant with a treatment capacity of 15,000 TMPA for near-final waste sorted for the Manicouagan Waste Management Board
  • a biomass cogeneration plant in an aluminum smelter
  • a gasifier supplied with fuel from biomass to feed an anode baking oven
  • a characterization of the thermal heat requirements (steam) for a sawmill
  • a 600 KW steam turbine for electrical cogeneration in a sawmill
  • a 3000 KW steam turbine for electrical cogeneration in a paper mill
  • a biomass boilers in tomato greenhouse complexes
  • a gas generator coupled with internal combustion engine type generators for cogeneration from biomass
  • a biofuel production plant "pyrolytic condensate liquid" from pulpwood